Das Planetenparty Prinzip


In Doomsday, the Graz-based performance collective Das Planetenparty Prinzip focuses on love. Is love a feeling, an approach to life, or is it really just a chemical reaction? This is a subject that has occupied humankind like no other since time immemorial—and that has more influence on people than any other, whether they like it or not. Many people have already said something about it—and even more people have already sung about it. Das Planetenparty Prinzip wants to explore it in-depth: they want to study the great philosophers, comb through scientific studies; they want to have seen every film and read every novel about love; they want to analyze every relationship—from Romeo and Juliet to their own parents—learn courtship dances, and, finally, write the perfect love song, all before the world comes to an end.

20.–23.9., 20:00

Viktor-Franz-Straße 9
8051 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

Length: 70 min.

16/10 euros (colleagues’ tickets 8 euros)

Directors: Alexandra Schmidt, Nora Köhler
With Alexander Benke, Leonie Bramberger, and Nora Köhler
Rehearsal accompaniment / choreography: Marta Navaridas
Costumes: Flora Hogrefe
Assistant director: Neo Klinger
Outside eye: Miriam Schmid
Technician: Tom Grassegger

Supported by steirischer herbst ’21