herbst Walk

These tours take visitors to works of art and performances in Graz and Styria. The tour guides’ background knowledge can help participants understand the works in the context of the festival. Free tours may be booked online or at the Visitor and Press Center.

This year’s route leads to the following locations:

→  Europaplatz (central station forecourt)
Visit to Marinella Senatore’s light installation – a visual fireworks display

→  Esperantoplatz
Visit to Thomas Hirschhorn’s spontaneous memorial to the philosopher and mystic Simone Weil

→  Visitor and Press Center and Café, Murgasse 6
Tour of the spatial installation by Peter Schloss with Grupa Ee as well as the poster exhibition

Regular tours are held twice per week in German in this or the reverse order. Tours may be arranged at extra times or in other languages upon request.  

Between stops, our guides are happy to answer general questions about this year’s theme or  steirischer herbst as a whole and to provide suggestions for further program items that might interest you.

12.9., 19.9., 26.9., 3.10., 10.10., 16:00–17:20
13.9., 21.9., 30.9., 8.10., 17:30–18:50

Group size: 10–15 people
Price per person: free
Duration: 80 min.

For further information, please call +43 316 81 60 70

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Meeting points

12.9., 16:00–17:20
Europaplatz (Bahnhofsvorplatz)

13.9., 17:30–18:50
Visitor and Press Center, Murgasse 6

19.9., 16:00–17:20
Europaplatz (Bahnhofsvorplatz)

21.9., 17:30–18:50
Visitor and Press Center, Murgasse 6

26.9., 16:00–17:20
Europaplatz (Bahnhofsvorplatz)

30.9., 17:30–18:50
Visitor and Press Center, Murgasse 6

3.10., 16:00–17:20
Europaplatz (Bahnhofsvorplatz)

8.10., 17:30–18:50
Visitor and Press Center, Murgasse 6

10.10., 16:00–17:20
Europaplatz (Bahnhofsvorplatz)