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Aus aktuellem Anlass: Delphine in Triest
In Light of Current Events: Dolphins in Trieste)

It is loud and shrill here; capitalism is being denounced, but we will never lose hope; globalization is placed in the center of a room; we let dolphins speak, and at the same time we talk about loneliness and all kinds of human doubts. It goes back and forth—just as you sometimes think it’s here: the moment when capitalism will topple, but hmmm … no, it won’t after all; the moment is wasted, it’s messed up. It starts in small ways: with an individual person, with a marriage, with the dolphins themselves, in the factory, in every fiber of a T-shirt—together we can do it, YES, WE CAN—and then we can’t after all; once again, we can’t. Climate change, globalization, precarious employment situations, capitalism, the brutalization of the world—everyone is pulling the strings—and botching it up again. Effe U Knust has written a loud and highly emotional body of text, which is now being brought to the stage.

Artists: Anja M. Wohlfahrt, Grilli Pollheimer, Patrick Dunst, Clara Diemling, Naemi Latzer, Andrea Meschik, Anna Morawetz

Author: Effe U Knust

7.–9.10., 20:00


Theater am Lend
Wienerstraße 58a, 8020 Graz

Length: 90 min.

17/12 euros

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