Brigitte Aulenbacher und Lukas Oberndorfer
Die große Transformation

(The Great Transformation)

Most debates about the transformation of capitalism refer to the book The Great Transformation by the economist Karl Polanyi. Written in the 1930s, a decade of massive societal changes, in recent years it has become a central reference point in economic discussions and is also frequently quoted publicly—usually only as a catchword. What is Polanyi’s concept of transformation all about? And above all: to what extent do his works not only contribute to an understanding of the current changes in capitalist methods of production, but also inform the debate over a postcapitalist future?

Brigitte Aulenbacher is a professor of sociological theory and social analysis whose work and research focus on social theory, rationalization, the sociology of work and organizations, and gender research. In particular, she works empirically and theoretically on international issues around care work. Among other things, she is the publisher of the International Sociological Association (ISA) magazine Global Dialogue and vice president of the International Karl Polanyi Society. Most recently, she published the book Mosaiklinke Zukunftspfade. Gewerkschaft, Politik, Wissenschaft (Future Pathways of the Mosaic Left: Unions, Politics, Science) together with Frank Deppe, Klaus Dörre, Christoph Ehlscheid, and Klaus Pickshaus in 2021.

Lukas Oberndorfer lives in Vienna and works as a researcher, publicist, and consultant on European law, internal market policies and European research in the European and International department of the Arbeiterkammer (Chamber of Labor). His research focuses on the crisis in Europe and the subsequent authoritarian wave in conjunction with neoliberal politics.

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