accomplices – Verein zur Erkundung multimedialer Ausdrucksformen

Video Art Is Distant

The obligation to keep one’s distance determines our lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, we need to adapt in very personal ways. Estimating and keeping distances as well as avoiding certain objects or each other have become very important. Under this new directive, our sensual perceptions are also changing, and this, in turn, alters our perceptual routines and practices in our everyday lives as well as in artistic endeavors.

Video Art Is Distant takes our current state as a starting point for a participative and artistic examination of this development, for which local and international video artists create a chronicle of moving image-based art practices during the pandemic. The works are projected in public space, presented on screens in several locations in Graz, shown on online platforms, and discussed and reflected on in artist talks open for public participation.

Film selection

Frank Bubenzer, NEVVS (6′41″)
Andreas Rosenthal, work - buy - fuck - die (4′43″)
Vera Posch, rona (3′23″)
Gunter Deller, Zehntel Sekunden lyric #1-14 (7′52″)
Gloria Gammer, I CAN MOVE THE SUN (1′26″)
Martin Gasser & Steph Meisl, schieles ghost (0′55″)
Vera Sebert, Fluessige Wesenszuege einer Bildapparatur (7′21″)
Barbis Ruder, Inscription (0′53″)
Veruschka Bohn & Humatic_Media, Code-Act Taiwan Verwion (8′58″)
Michel Klöfkorn & Marie Gavois, Jaime's house (4′38″)
Franziska Ostermann, Can you hear me (1′05″), 2020 review (16′58″)

19.9., 18:00

Artist talk


WWW. Wandering and Window Watching
Visual intervention in shop windows
9.9.–11.9., 15:30–18:00
Glacisstraße 19, 8010 Graz
22.9.–8.10., Wed–Sun 12:00–15:00
new deli
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

Online presentation on YouTube

18.9., 19:30  
STAT (Staring at a Wall) (engl.: „stat“, von lat.: „statim“, zu Deutsch: sofort, unverzüglich)
Screening im Club Hybrid an Consommé Cabaretts Italoabend  (Panini vom Grill und Aperolspritz; DJ Sets von Adrian Flux und Toni Talwärts)
Herrgottwiesgasse 161
8055 Graz

19.9., 18:00
Artist talk
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Concept: Jos Diegel, Kristina Gorke, and Bernd Gutmannsbauer 
Curator: Jos Diegel
Curatorial assistants: Kristina Gorke and Bernd Gutmannsbauer
Producers: Kristina Gorke and Bernd Gutmannsbauer
Production assistant: Jos Diegel
Artist talks moderators: Jos Diegel, Kristina Gorke, and Bernd Gutmannsbauer

In cooperation with Wunderkammer Graz, new deli, Club Hybrid, Consommé Cabarett, EULE Bier, and Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten

Supported by steirischer herbst ’21