Sunday Excursion

The old take to the streets to marches against mask mandates while the young attend Fridays for Future rallies. This is how generational conflicts in protest culture might be summed up—or caricatured. In three Styrian towns, Felix Hafner invited residents interested in theater to join him in developing their own performances centered around protest.  

Busses bring visitors from Graz to all three performances of Es warat wegen Morgen (It’s Because of Tomorrow) and back again.

Sunday excursions are available on the following dates:

→  12.9., Deutschlandsberg
→  19.9., Weiz
→  26.9., Maria Lankowitz

This format supports the objective of bringing steirischer herbst to every region of Styria during the festival.

12.9., 19.9., 26.9.

Group size: 10–15 people
Price per person: free
15:30 (Depart Graz Central Station)
17:00 (Performance)
19:30 (Return to Graz Central Station)

For further information, please call +43 316 81 60 70

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