herbst Education

Many routes lead to The Way Out. The festival’s education team knows all of them.

The title The Way Out not only refers to a situation marked by crises and the current pandemic, but also stands for freedom and openness. Workshops, tours, and information about steirischer herbst ʼ21 await visitors under the open sky and in an open atmosphere.

The general offer for everyone deals with the basic themes of this year’s productions. Professional visitors receive deeper insights in discussion rounds with curators and artists.

Each edition of steirischer herbst is the result of a year-long critical examination of sociopolitical issues. Relevant to everyone, steirischer herbst is a meeting zone for makers, visitors, experts, and communities from all areas.

herbst Education Formats


take participants to artworks and performances in Graz and Styria. The background knowledge of our guides helps visitors understand works in the festival context and forms the basis for subsequent discussions.

Sunday excursions

to countryside theater with Felix Hafner’s Es warat wegen Morgen?
The old march against masks, while the young take part in Fridays for Future protests. In this way, the generation gap might be summarized—or caricatured. Felix Hafner sought out residents of three Styrian towns eager to participate in performative work in order to develop theatrical protest rallies and choreographies with them.

→  12.9., Deutschlandsberg
→  19.9., Weiz
→  26.9., Maria Lankowitz

For the ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen

on 2 October, the Papier marché, a pop-up market for art on paper, takes place in the courtyard of Palais Attems during the daytime. Drinks and readings included. Art on paper is also the topic of the poster workshop in the Visitor and Press Center—open till 1:00 on this day.

Poster Workshops in the Visitor and Press Center

take their cue from the history of steirischer herbst, in which posters have repeatedly caused public scandals. In guided workshops, participants design their own.

For children and young people,

the education program carries steirischer herbst into schools and educational institutions. The offer consists of age-appropriate workshops in which we develop artistic approaches to the festival’s themes.

For teachers,

steirischer herbst offers specific tours and info sheets as a basis for individual course formats.

Visitor and Press Center

Visitor and Press Center, Murgasse 6, photo: Dietmar Reinbacher

Information and tickets

Where to go at steirischer herbst and what for? Information about programs, education, and tickets every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

→  Murgasse 6, 8010 Graz

The Café Wall Illusion as Op Art

The artwork by Peter Schloss with Grupa Ee on the wall of the Visitor and Press Center illustrates the tension between strict formalist logic and perceptual illusion.

Poster exhibition

Posters are part of the provocative history of steirischer herbst—a tradition that continued with ten artist posters in 2021. They can be seen all across the city of Graz and in the Visitor and Press Center.

Poster workshops

“The End Is Near” is passé; let us rather propagate The Way Out with DIY posters.


Arguably the best coffee in the city is brewed by BUNA. Between 2.9.–10.10. also in the Visitor and Press Center (​Tue–Son, 11:00–17:00).

Listening stations

All episodes of the festival podcast can be listened to. Curated and presented by Ö1.

If you have questions, please contact education [​at​] steirischerherbst.at or call +43 (0) 316 81 60 70.

All tours and workshops

12.9., 19.9., 26.9., 3.10., 10.10., 16:00–17:20
13.9., 21.9., 30.9., 8.10., 17:30–18:50

herbst Walk

1.10., 17:00

Bicycle Tour

12.9., 19.9., 26.9.

Sunday Excursion

11.9., 18.9., 25.9., 9.10., 16:00–18:00
2.10., 18:00–01:00

Poster Workshops

18.9., 21:00–21:45
26.9., 2.10., 21:00–22:10

Eat and Greet

22.9., 09:00–17:00

Teachers’ Workshop

20.9., 27.9., 4.10., 09:00–12:00