Poster Workshops

Posters are part of the steirischer herbst’s long history, and they have not infrequently provoked headline-grabbing scandals. steirischer herbst ’21 is reviving this tradition with ten artist’s posters.

The posters are prominently placed in public areas throughout Graz and also be exhibited in the Visitor and Press Center, where the concept of the poster as public art and as an instrument of propaganda will be presented in workshops and implemented in practice.

Workshops will be offered in the following techniques:

→  Drawing

→  Painting
with brushes and rollers

→  Printing
with cardboard stamps, silkscreen

→  Collage

This herbst Education event is open to all age groups with or without previous experience. It is intended to foster individual creativity as well as the artistic expression of content and criticism.

“The End Is Near” is passé; instead, we will promote the festival’s theme: “The Way Out.”

11.9., 18.9., 25.9., 9.10., 16:00–18:00
2.10., 18:00–01:00

Visitor and Press Center
Murgasse 6
8010 Graz

Group size: 10–25 people
Price per person: free
Duration: 120 min.

For further information, please call +43 316 81 60 70

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