Eat and Greet

Artist talks in conjunction with performances offer glimpses behind the makeup and sets and provide insight into what the audience has just seen.

These talks are held in two different formats: as classically moderated conversations between audience and artist, or as Eat and Greet events where, in the more intimate setting of a shared dinner with the artists and curators, we satisfy more than our audience’s intellectual hunger alone.

18.9., 21:00–21:45
26.9., 2.10., 21:00–22:10

Orpheumgasse 8
8020 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Group size: 20–30 people / 5–10 people (Eat and Greet)
Price per person: free
Duration: 45 min. / 70 min. (Eat and Greet)

For further information, please call +43 316 81 60 70

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